"Well Placed equals peace of mind"

I can see my office now- no more paperwork strewn about - I know where to find important papers and how to handle the constant stream of paperwork.

I love Well Placed and you will too! I called Bree to help me with organizing my office area. I am a very organized, busy Executive who works from my home office a couple of days a week. My office area, with a floor to ceiling shelving unit, was in need of organizing and styling to make it consistent with the rest of my home.

Bree designed the plan, shopped for the items that were needed to store items and then Bree and I put the new plan in place. In one afternoon we were able to conquer what had been on my to do list for two years.

Bree's expertise is excellent and that's coming from a hard marker. Cheers to Well Placed!

Andrea M. Toronto


Bree is a pleasure to work with.  She makes deciding what is a treasure and trash light and fun.  Instead of dreading organizing my house I looked forward to her visits and felt liberated by her clarity and sensible suggestions.  I also appreciated that she encouraged me to use what I had instead of spending money on new shelving and containers.  Thank you, Bree!

Suzie, Toronto


I am so glad Bree came into my life and home. She has a wonderful and calm personality and it was a pleasure spending an afternoon with her to help me with the daunting tasks I kept putting off. I definitely could not have done this on my own. I just wish I could have her around every day to keep my house ticking! Fortunately she had wonderful ideas to keep things organized and help with overflowing paperwork and implement filing systems that it is easy to maintain.

I can see my office - no more paperwork strewn about - I know where to find important papers and how to handle the constant stream of paperwork. I can't wait to continue the process with Bree and would not hesitate to recommend her for any type of project!

Debbie L. High Park


I fell in love with our new home because of all of its storage. Finally, from a condo to a place with a walk-in pantry and another walk-in storage room downstairs. However, I didn't plan out the use of the rooms and over a couple years they were no longer walk-ins because we weren't using the spaces properly. I kept talking about a big clean out and purge to organize the rooms but it never happened. As soon as Bree posted about her business Well Placed I knew I had to finally take the plunge. What a difference it made!

Bree was so smart and thorough (and made sure I purged). I now have two large storage areas up and running again, with the added bonus of my kitchen having benefited from the pantry organization. The best part is we've kept up with the plan she laid out for us on how to maintain the rooms and our kitchen space too. I feel so much better, things run smoother at meal time and I can walk-in my pantry!

Thank you, Well Placed, thank you.

Cindy M. Toronto