"Well Placed equals peace of mind"

Before and After Pantry

This large walk in pantry was difficult to enter with items blocking the floors and hanging dangerously off the shelves. The kids were not allowed to enter as mom & dad were worried they would get hurt, and the adults rarely entered either due to the frustration of not knowing where to find anything.  Now everything has a place and is easily accessible. There is plenty of clear space to move around in and the kids are now able to get what they need themselves -a big relief for mom & dad! 

Before and After Storage Room

Random household items were stocked and precariously placed which made it difficult to find items when they were needed. The space has been de-cluttered and organized so that items can be easily found and there is no more danger of the pile falling as you remove and item from the room. Added bonus… no more duplication of lost items… only one is needed when you know where it is!

before image-reading room image-cluttered
after image-reading room image-organized-tidy

Before and After Reading Room

The small room was cluttered with items that didn’t belong in the space and was being used as temporary stockpile for items that didn’t have a proper home. The room has been transformed into its intended use; a calm, cozy, and relaxing space to read a book, enjoy a coffee, and catch up on correspondence.